10 Memes Anyone Who’s Eaten at McDonald’s will Understand

The fast-food industry never fails to take the world by storm. With quick and easy access to food through delivery and drive-thru services, big multi-national corporations like McDonald’s and Wendy’s continue to be a big success in the market. The popularity of fast food chains makes every franchise and branch opening of a Wendy’s or McDonald’s a profitable investment.

On the other hand, if you’re a consumer or frequent customer of several fast food chains, then it is highly likely that you are familiar with several service issues and product manipulation fast food chains tend to pull on customers. Below are ten relatable memes on what it’s like to buy or work in a McDonald’s fast food branch.

10 McDonald’s Memes to Ruin Your Day

When you forget to check your take out in the drive-thru cashier window

Ordering the same thing as everyone can be tricky

When you realize they forgot the ketchup for the large fries you got

College life, basically

The “bullshit job at McDonald’s” is a lie

Too bad tipping isn’t a thing at McDonald’s

Obesity trumps murder in major causes of death, I guess

When McDonald’s makes a brutal point

24/7 services never stop

Big Mac gone completely wrong

The Super Power Conglomerate that is McDonald’s

It is no surprise that McDonald’s is a superpower in the fast food chain industry. With several tasty products, many people are itching to get a Big Mac more than they should. Affordable, good quality burgers and meals that may also bring us several moments of doubts and anxieties, but nevertheless, fill our stomachs in the end.a

10 Memes Anyone Who’s Eaten at McDonald’s will Understand
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