12 Memes that Show the Struggles of Job Hunting

Looking for a job in your early adulthood or even late teens can put you in many stressful situations. The constant need to update and send out resumes, the endless cycle of taking online tests and interviews online and in person; indeed, the job hunting process can be quite a hustle.

Looking for the right job and the employee benefits that go with it can take a lot of time. The need to also take time and remind yourself that the right one will come is important because being part of the labor force and being a productive member of society is expected of you. The following are some memes that accurately depict the struggles of looking for a job in the modern age.

12 Job Hunt Struggles that Unemployed People Will Understand

Updating your resume can be a tedious task

False expectations can hurt

Desperation starts to hit

Checking your emails for responses and getting nothing

The ego boost from one cup of coffee

The willingness to keep searching becomes scarce

When your online job profile is on point

What’s in print isn’t always good

When the feeling of giving up punches you in the gut

Seeing this post or poster gets you all excited

That other friend who finally opens up

That feeling of not being enough

Hunting for the One

Searching for jobs can be a tedious process to endure, but in the long run, it is something that can totally be rewarding. Finding a proper job with the right position, benefits and salary give you some source of motivation to be a productive member of society. Keep on keeping on, hunter!


12 Memes that Show the Struggles of Job Hunting
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