3D & Video Slot Games

What are 3D and Video Slot Games?

3D and video slots are more or less similar in nature. The mechanics of the game is basic and that is to click “Spin” until the player hits a Bonus or a Wild. This entitles the player with extra or free spins to gain more wins. Like any other slot game, 3D and video slots have corresponding payouts and reels. Some 3D and Video slots may have a payout limit while others don’t.

What is the difference between 3D and Video Slot Games?

3D and video slot games are very similar in various elements. What makes 3D slots different from video slots is the story line that is incorporated within the game itself. If the player continues to play and reaches a certain level, a plot to the story is developed throughout the game. This type of slot game encourages players to stay consistent and determined to reach targets to advance to the next level.

One aspect many slot gamers don’t really notice is that even if all 3D slots are video slots, not all video slots are 3D games. More often than not, players are dissuaded by the graphics and 3D animation of the reels that they do not realize that the game is not exactly 3D. This is a common misconception among gamers that tend to alter in several online slot games. So, keeping an eye out on what type of slot game played is key to fully understanding the theme or objective of the slot game.



3D & Video Slot Games
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