How To Play Slot Games


The mechanics of playing slot games is simple, pull a lever or push a button and your off to a great game of chance. Even more so with online slot games. The dynamic of playing slot games holds a sense of universal ease and simplicity, which makes sense why it’s often visited first in live casinos and even online casinos.

Happy Luke offers several slot games from different types to different themes. One slots game that is user friendly which appeals to both new users and old users alike is Boomanji. It is a very simple game of slots which has a modest layout that is rather uncomplicated to navigate.


Click this to trigger the slots to shuffle and bet the highest amount allowable for the corresponding slot games. You may adjust this by managing your payout settings.

Click this to trigger the slots to shuffle and bet the amount you placed.

Click this to manage your game settings. You may adjust the sound and other effects of the game by clicking this button.

Click this to manage your game settings. You may adjust the sound and other effects of the game by clicking this button.Click the plus sign (+) to increase your preferred number of paylines or the minus sign (-) to reduce your preferred number of paylines.Click the plus sign (+) to increase your bet amount or the minus sign (-) to reduce your bet amount according to the minimum and maximum bet amount.

Click this to view the corresponding paylines and the equivalent amount you may win per spin.

Balance is where your existing amount of money will appear. Bet is the amount of money you placed as a bet. Winnings are the amount you accumulated throughout playing the slots

How To Win

Pay Lines











Paylines are considered to be the most vital element when playing the slots. Whether you’re playing in an actual casino or from an online casino, paylines are the main basis for determining a winning streak in the slots. To put it simply, paylines are the lines in which the payout will correspond to. This can come in different lines and patterns when playing the slots.



This wild symbol will expand to fill the complete reel. It can occur on reels 2, 3 or 4. When triggered, it will cause a free re-spin. If additional reels get a wild symbol, additional re-spins will be awarded.

Wild can be substitute symbols “Blue-Firework”, “Pink-Firework”, “Yellow-Firework”, “Green Firework’, “RGB-Firework”, “Red-Firework”, “Purple-Firework”.


Why You Should Play at W88

Simple and Easy

Playing Boomanji is one of the easiest slot games you will come across at Happy Luke. Not only is the game interactive with its sound effects and animative features, it’s also very user friendly to new players. Old players will immediately be able to find a sense of familiarity with the format and structure. Everything you need to know is accessible without having to scroll further down. This gives the game ease and direction in usage, throughout the game.
Happy Luke holds a variety of slot and video slot games that is accessible to leisure seekers and online casino gamers. You don’t even have to sign up to be able to play but if you want to gain real money and maximize your gaming experience, the sign up option is visible on the right side of the page. The choice is always ultimately up to our players.

How To Play Slot Games
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