Witty or Weird Home Inventions?  

Home appliances never stop creating the most useful products for cooking, cleaning, bathing and many more chores and home activities. The goal of such products is to make home living easier and more convenient for people with busy lives. Working an 8-5 job can sometimes make it hard to maintain a household and even keep everything in check.

However, there are other creators who generate quite peculiar products that don’t always meet the purpose of convenience. The following are some home appliances and products that are actually sold everywhere in the world and on the internet. Let’s decipher which products are witty or just plain weird, shall we?

Witty or weird? You decide…

Multi-layered shower heads

Teapot swing/holder

Finger protector

Puppy Peek a Boo

Baby rug crawler

Cocoon pillow

Teabag hanger

Ring-bottle opener

Portion pan

Dog drawers

Pillow with Head Pocket

Mustard gun

Witty and Weird Home ware: Need or Nah?

There you have it folks, the weird and the witty do coexist. There could be a need for these in several homes but for now, let’s try to keep thing simple and functional, okay? Besides, something quick and easy to get chores done is never high maintenance. Let’s stick to the basics, shall we?

Witty or Weird Home Inventions?  
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